Friday Jul 24, 2020

Episode 7: Arisa, The Japanese Muslimah

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Assalamualaikum (Peace be upon you!)

Hey Camellias!

It is the first week of Dhul Hijjah! 

Let's try our best to work on ourselves and increase in all the good deeds we can sincerely for the sake of Allah, insha'Allah!


Today's Episode 7 is with Nur Arisa Maryam! She is an Instagram Lifestyle Influencer who I was following back in the day! I always wanted to connect with her and Alhamdulillah I finally got the chance thanks to Allah! Check-in on this week's episode where we talk about her life in Japan and the UK and how important it is to always remember our manners and common etiquettes in Islam! 

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As salaamu alaykum! Alhamdulillah, I'm really loving this podcast series, Allahumma barik. As a convert, it's cool to hear about the stories of other convert sisters from around the world and how we share many things in common, but also how our experiences differ depending on our environment/country.

Sunday Jul 26, 2020

Masha Allah... another story, another life experience. You guys are really awesome and very brave! Don't lose hope and don't give up easily. Keep on learning, but always remember...avoid Riya' .

Saturday Jul 25, 2020


MaashaAllah.. allahumma barik. This podcast make me learn that the way we dressed and our manner can be a way for someone to gt hidayah. We may never thought it before that what we wear and how we react can give huge impact to someone else to found islam, or back to islam. May Allah beautify our inner self, our akhlaq and adab as He has beautified our outer self.

Saturday Jul 25, 2020


Mashallah and Subhanallah beautiful story! I've been following sister Arisa cuz she was the first Japanese sister I found on Instagram and learned so much from her!! Jazakallah Khair❤️I can't agree more about her describing the day of her shahaddah as the best day of her life!! Thank you for reminding each and everyone of us that's it's on us to show sisterhood to other sisters! It's important that we make action first and not just wait for the sisterhood to come to us!

Friday Jul 24, 2020

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