Friday Jul 17, 2020

Episode 5: A Tawainese Convert Gets Personal

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Assalamualaikum (Peace be upon you!)

Hey Camellias! It's Friday, woohoo!!!

Welcome Back!

Today's Episode 5 is with Eva! A Tawainese Convert sister who shares her story on how her interest in Islam started in University. She also shares personal experiences that dive a little deep into issues we all face as humans! 

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Assalam Alakum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu! JazakhAllah khayr Eva for sharing your story. I love how you mentioned about always renewing our intentions. May Allah continue to bless and guide you. Ameen!

Friday Aug 07, 2020


MaashaAllah,, i love it as always!! Hear their story and how they overcome their struggle,, maashaAllah tabarakallah,, may Allah make us istiqamah upon His deen

Saturday Jul 18, 2020

This one was so painful, that it is hard to pen them down in words. I could relate so much to her struggles with her Mom. The part where she said she wanted to behave well but then couldn't help it. What a lovely story. May Allah bless both of you.

Sunday Jul 12, 2020


but you can always relate to them in a way! Subhanallah!! I can't wait to hear more stories of other sisters too! May Allah guide us all ameen!

Friday Jul 10, 2020


Salam Alykoum Mashallah❤️ l love hearing other sisters stories they are unique

Friday Jul 10, 2020

As salaamu alaykum! I can relate a lot to the different phases of Sister Eva's journey, masha Allah. I had similar tension with my parents and I also struggled with hijab the same way. Alhamdulillah, it's so beneficial to hear others who have similar experiences and who share their advice about coping and persevering, Allahumma barik♥️

Friday Jul 10, 2020

Assalamu'alaikum sis Khadijah. Masha Allah...awesome as always! Really enjoyed listening to it 💕😊

Friday Jul 10, 2020

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